The story

From 1923

21 May 2015

The story

The village and the cottage

In the early 1920s, the Building Cooperative “Postelegrafonica” started to build a lot of terraced houses with gardens to allocate to their officials.

The location they chose was on the outskirts of Milan, pretty much set in the countryside but well connected to the center by tram No. 5.

In 1923 the village was completed: it included bungalows with 2 floors and a basement, and the houses came in different sizes. Despite being built on a budget, they were nicely decorated and finished with great attention to detail.
When we first entered the property back in 2010, the effect was breathtaking: the house had been unoccupied for some years, therefore most of the original features had been preserved. For example, the “cementine liberty” floor, the staircase with wrought iron railings, the doors, the wooden floor, a pair of beautiful art nouveau windows, the heating system with an old gravity boiler, and finally a concrete bathtub with legs!

It was (and it still is) like stepping back in time and visiting a house in the 20s. The garden shows all the charm of this period: a big persimmon, palms and a beautiful magnolia ready to blossom.

We fell in love with this house and thought it could be a perfect location for a B & B. We decided that the original character of the building was worth preserving during the restoration.

The original materials have been preserved as much as possible in the common areas: for example the larch wood floor in the breakfast room has just been cleaned with special oil and polished.

The “cementine” hallway and staircase – with wrought iron balustrade and wooden handrail – have been cleaned and returned to their original splendor.

We have also kept the doors that open on the landings, while the handles are handmade reproductions of a vintage model, the historical hardware Spinardi of Milan.

The “art nouveau” windows have been removed and relocated after attentive restoration, while the bathtub with legs is now proudly displayed in the garden.

Some antique pieces of furniture contribute to make the atmosphere friendly and homely: the piano and the dresser in the breakfast room, the wardrobe, bedside tables and wrought iron bed in the “Tosca” room.

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